With Just 350 Dollars

And Three Days

Your Art

Can Finally

Start Feeding you

In Ten Easy Steps.

RESEARCH domain names.




Gallery owners will take advantage of you.

The year’s 2020. For a few bucks, you can make your own gallery.

Use GoDaddy.com

and research names.



Simple = memorable

Taken = improbable

Cater the name to what your audience cares about.

Choose a name you can design a logo for.

Don’t give up.

② ESTABLISH your art gmail.




You need an email to segregate personal from business.

Start with gmail: it’s free.

If your business fails, at least your name isn’t attached!


First try your domain name.


Change the domain name you found in step 1 just because gmail doesn’t have it.


Add “.artistname” if your domain name is taken.

BUY the domain name.




You found it on GoDaddy. Now make it yours!

Congratulations. You just bought an art gallery.

No one else can take it unless you fail to renew your new domain.


 Get Honey.

It saved me lots of money.

You don’t need any “extras”.

If budgetable, buy 10 years of renewals, so you don’t have to worry about it.

If not, buy 1 year.

DESIGN your logo.




This is your brand. Be prepared to see it a lot.

You’ve named your “baby”. Now give it a face.

A logo, alone, should one day bring instant recognition to your work.


You’re an artist.

Don’t waste money on a designer.

With a smartphone and Adobe Capture, you can make a logo in seconds.

Save in .png or .svg.

Make it fit in a “square”.

Keep it simple.

⑤ JOIN cloudways.




Now you need hosting.

Cloudways is the best hosting company.

If a domain is your gallery name, hosting is your building. For $10 a month, you pay rent on the Internet. That’s it.

(This very site is on Cloudways)


Don’t get bogged down by technical details. Follow the four videos in this step.

Time is now money: pummel through to step 10 to start selling your art.

But, don’t fret.

You have much more time than signing up for something else like Wix.

⑥ SET UP your site.




You are seconds away from owning your own art enterprise.

Remember that domain name you bought in step 3?

Now you just need to connect your DNS in GoDaddy to Cloudways, and there’s the end of this technical stuff!


Bookmark your Cloudways Login Screen.

Bookmark your GoDaddy Login Screen.

⑦ GET divi




Recall the best art set you own?

Divi is the equivalent, except for website design.

Instead of hiring a coder, renting a site builder, etc., Divi is easy and is a permanent purchase. 

At $250, you have a lifetime website-building kit.
This site was built in two days with Divi.


 Divi not only gives you a lifetime website builder, it gives you a library of tutorials to use.

You have 30 days to get your money back.

Even if your site fails, you can reuse this purchase as a web design kit or for another venture.

It is good for life.

BUILD your enterprise




This is the BEST part: your art creating an experience for users.

Your website is like a house. Your visitors are guests.

Start from your audience’s perspective, get a handle on Divi, and let your creative juices flow.

Photograph and display your work.


 Install a WebP Plugin before uploading your art.

Follow along quickly. Make the site your own. You’ll learn details later!

DRAW customers




 You have the premise. Now start catering to the people. 

Gaining your first customer is the best hope your art gallery can have. Go for it.

You will adapt, upgrade, and improve. But you need momentum.


Add a footer, where you should put your email, and add social media as you go.

Try Pinterest and YouTube:

both free and excellent platforms to draw huge crowds.





You’ve done it.

You’ve made an online business.

Now you get to tinker and improve your website, to show all your art, build ideas…

and even make more websites.

Add the polish you can as an artist.


WooCommerce = Your Online Art Store.

Try Dropshipping your designs as new brands with Printify, which creates and sells items with your art at your profit – all on your site.

Self-publish an art book, etc., the sky is limitless.

Affiliate Notice

This website is an affiliate site, meaning profit can be made when people click on the links.

It is a viable way for you to make money as well.

Please note that every product link is to one I recommend and currently use. In fact, this very website runs on Cloudways using Divi with a GoDaddy-purchased domain! No scam here.

If you would like better purchasing advice, please email me below.


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